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Reviewing the Subtext, Episode 3

I will go out on a limb and declare it flatly: Jews are people. I married a Jew. She is undeniably and complexly human.
This vid is making the social media rounds:
And I don't wish to add to the teetering stack of think pieces about Media Complicity in Perpetuating and Legitimizing a White Supremicist Message. Nor do I wish to wish to add a voice to chorus calling for Trump to denounce.
I want to talk. About how fucking smiley everybody in this clip is.
I want to talk about how we have been conditioned for generations to expect that Serious Ideas will drizzle like fucking dew drops from well-glossed lips and blinding white teeth of the growing ranks of the Nonthreatening and Conventionally Attractive. Which I get - I'm as shallow as anybody. I'd rather look at Pretty People than a Buncha Uggos.
Here's the thing. Sometimes, TV, SOMETIMES - ideas are SO fucking important that the coverage of them warrants suspension of the Botox Principles that typically govern such things. Sometimes, TV, SOMETIMES, when you're covering, say, the encroachment of hate groups into the Very Fucking Highest Corridors of Fucking Power in the Goddamn World, that should MAYBE be sobering enough that your presentational style could maybe do with an adjustment, namely that you don't have to chew our fucking food for us. Sometimes, TV, SOMETIMES, what is wanted is for there to be NO SOFTENING WHATSOEVER, what is wanted is for a shell-shocked and and stung-looking human stare dead into camera and joylessly confide that the Era of of Snuggle News just drew to a fucking close, because there is a motherfucking Nazi just down the fucking hall from the Oval fucking Office.

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