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WRITE CLUB is back, baby

The Hideout. Tue, 7/20. 6pm


Mind vs. Body

Heaven vs. Hell

Fight vs. Flight

In addition to myself, here's out lineup:

Emily Rose is a Chicago-born and raised poet and performer. She performs at poetry readings, open mics, and Poetry Slams around Chicago and nationally. An organizer in her community, she is currently a Real Talk Avenue Resident, member of the 2010 Mental Graffiti Team, a board member for Chicago Slam Works, a regular contributor and producer for The Encyclopedia Show, Tournament Director for Louder Than a Bomb, occasional host at The Green Mill, and much much more.

Edward Thomas-Herrera is a playwright and performer living and working in Chicago. He is currently working on a musical entitled "Hell is for the Very Hot." He listens to a lot of opera and that makes him gay. Please visit

Ali Weiss is a freelance writer and videographer with a long-standing performance habit. A New York City native, Ali is a proud resident of Chicago's Lincoln Square, where she produces a spoken word show called The Paper Machete at Ricochet's every Saturday at 3pm. More info at

Steve Heisler is a freelance pop culture journalist who writes for The AV Club, GQ, Details, Variety,, and the Chicago Reader. He's also a comedy producer with Just For Laughs, a writer and performer with the Neo-Futurists, a regular at The Paper Machete, and a former member of the Time Out Chicago action squad. He's a baller, shot caller, brawler— 4 life, yo.

David Kodeski is the creator of "David Kodeski's True Life Tales," an ongoing series of critically-acclaimed solo performances. He is a founding ensemble member of BoyGirlBoyGirl and is currently working on a libretto in collaboration with Chicago Opera Vanguard based upon a suitcase full of mysterious letters bought via the internet. The opera is slated to premiere in 2011 at Queen's College in Belfast.

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